These papers take a deep dive into interesting and relevant topics of the day. Throughout you will see we back up our thoughts and conclusions by referencing predominantly published academic papers. Enjoy!
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A Perfect Storm

It’s as hard as it has ever been leading a team right now. And it’s not just COVID-19 that’s putting leaders under the most intense pressure; COVID has simply added additional force to an already well-established perfect storm. The good news is, there is a chart (or playbook) available to navigate through this storm.


Get Set To Reset

Leaders are constantly encouraged to do all the sexy stuff like execute under pressure, swivel on a sixpence and innovate, but the bedrock of each of these are the more mundane qualities of reliability, organisation and discipline. Singers with a beautiful voice will only get their gigs if they can be trusted to turn up on time. Talented baseball or cricket fielders, with electrically fast and accurate throws, are only going to make the 1st team if they are able to first collect the ball without fumbling it. No matter how talented we are, doing the basics comes first. A talented team is no different. It has to be well-organised, well-disciplined and well-prepared to perform. I call this ‘Getting the team Set’.


In Search Of The Holy Grail

We believe leaders have been following a path but for the vast majority, it is an ill-advised path. Several well-known playbooks like Lencioni’s 5 Dysfunctions model or Tuckman’s forming, norming, storming, performing approach, which is now 50 years old, are either contradicted by recent science, or out of date. There has never been a simple, science based team building code or playbook available to any team leader. Most of the ‘playbooks’ emphasise only parts of what’s required. Others are so complicated they’re just not practical or are not really playbooks at all; they just lay out a load of things that have to be done to build great teams. We felt team leaders need a bit more help than what was being offered. So we set about forming one.


A Jack and Jill Case Study

These days’ team leaders are under the most intense pressure. If they had at their disposal a simple, memorable and science based formula or playbook to safeguard the performance of their teams, it would be most timely. After 5 years of reviewing research and based on in-the-field experience, we have devised the TeamUp PlaybookTM. It is measurable, actionable and able to be played by the team, rather than relying on outside forces to be successfully implemented. It contains 4 simple stages for the team leader to work on, in order, with their teams. I describe here these stages together with a recent example from a financial institution of what happens when this Playbook is applied.


The improvements as a result of George and his methods have certainly contributed to a 15-fold growth in our profits, as well as enabling us to successfully launch a series of award winning innovative products

Adrian Grace
CEO Aegon UK

I have worked with George over the last five years during which my team has been reshaped and delivered some extremely challenging financial objectives including growing all our key product lines and reducing our costs by 25%

Jackie Leiper
Workplace Savings & Distribution Director
Scottish Widows

George is insightful and challenging in his observations of me and my team. His sessions allow us to open up and feel safe, identify the root of what needs to change and for us to commit to these actions.

Ray Pope
Chief Information Officer
Tokio Marine HCC Inernational Group

George's 4 GETS approach to developing teams coupled with his insightful facilitation has helped my finance team address interpersonal issues, work closer together and generate more value to the business.

Duncan Hayward
Group CFO PLRe

I have found the 4 GETS methodology and George's skills in working with teams to consistently produce a positive impact on my businesses. His approach to getting teams Set, Safe and Strong has consistently paid divends for me.

Jayne Archbold
CEO Iptor International

Both quizzical and soothing George got the team to engage and participate in a way that felt safe. He also helped ensure my work pressures remained manageable and in perspective. I would recommend George to anyone as a strong personal mentor or someone to understand and change team dynamics.

Nick Hutton-Penman
Deputy CEO, Tokio Marine Kiln

Every team coaching session has led to tangible improvements in performance, collaboration and effectiveness - George grasps the unspoken, working with the team to wrestle down the underlying blockers. Personally, I continue to grow with this guidance and interventions; he carries my strongest of recommendations, the only caveat being, you had better be genuinely committed to self-development to genuinely appreciate and enjoy the accelerating impact he can have!

Adrian Walter
COO Lloyds Banking Group
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