We work with a myriad of teams to structure, nurture and strengthen them. Ultimately to create highly successful organisations.

Teams now have to work more remotely and
more effectively, with speed, adaptability, and by striking the right balance between harmony and constructive tension.
We have developed a simple but effective
playbook, working through a set of clearly defined stages to build teams for this ever increasing virtual world.

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Try our self-assessment diagnostic for a snapshot of how you score your team's performance - see how it stacks up against benchmarks. (It's on us!)

Who we are

We are a tight knit team, enabling us to provide an intimate and tailor-made service to our clients. We provide scalable on-line team development solutions via a trusted network of TeamUp associates.


The founding Director of TeamUp, George’s
expertise lies in leading team development and executive team leader coaching programmes, providing his clients with science-based, simple and impactful solutions that result in better team working across organisations.


The TeamUp Office Manager, Diagnostics
and Research Lead and Executive Assistant to George. Suzanne provides client support, research insights and helps to run the TeamUp business.


George Karseras – Founder and Director

George is a Chartered Occupational and Sports Psychologist with 20 years of International C-Suite team development experience across a variety of industries in the UK, Europe, North America, The Middle East and Australasia. A former Principal Consultant at KPMG Consulting, George is a former Dean of Conference for the Association of Business Psychologists, and has presented at numerous conferences including the British Olympic Association and the British Psychological Society. George is also a regular media contributor on team building, sports psychology, mental health in sports and the psychology of extreme sports. He is the author of the Working in Teams chapter in ‘Business Psychology in Practice’ (2005, Whurr Publishing) and currently working on his first book – ‘Get Better Teams’. He loves surfing and is currently learning to ‘pop up’ on his long board (which is not long enough!)

Suzanne Davis – Executive Assistant

Suzanne has over 20 years’ of experience in quietly but effectively supporting businesses behind the scenes. She brings with her a calm, unflappable and positive demeanour. Suzanne holds a degree in Psychology and is currently undertaking a Masters in Health Psychology. She uses her passion and flair in psychology to contribute to the research we continually undertake. Currently thinking about a potential future running challenge, her proudest running achievements to date include a 03:11:42 championship finish at the London Marathon in 2017, and being placed first lady at The Butcombe Trail 50-mile Ultra in April 2019.
Sarah Lewis – TeamUp Associate
Sarah is an author and a globally respected consultant in the fields of positive psychology and appreciative inquiry. A Chartered Occupational Psychologist, she works with teams in the commercial and not-for-profit sectors to achieve effective, sustainable, positive change. Sarah is a Principal and Founder Member of the Association of Business Psychologists and the author of ‘Positive Psychology at Work’, ‘Positive Psychology and Change’, and ‘Positive Psychology in Business’. An Associated Fellow of the British Psychological Society, she lectures at a post-graduate level in Singapore and the UK. A keen horse rider, Sarah enjoys being positive around horses as well as people.
Julia Knight – TeamUp Associate
Julia is an author and Chartered Occupational Psychologist with over 20 years’ of UK and international experience of developing leadership and teams. Her strength lies in designing and facilitating interactive and experiential interventions for teams and large groups. An accomplished singer, actor and improviser, Julia specialises in taking tools and techniques from the theatre and applying them to support the development and creativity within teams. She is co-author of the practical leadership guide, “Listen! Say Yes! Commit! Improvisation for Communication, Creativity, Teamworking & Leadership at Work”
Michael O’Dwyer – TeamUp Associate
Michael has main board level and senior leadership operational experience leading a number of teams at Grand Metropolitan, Whitbread, Laurel Pub Company and P&O Ferries. Highly commercial, Michael now applies his substantial experience in people leadership, financial awareness and change management to support senior leaders and their teams with practical and realistic solutions that can be implemented with the minimum of fuss. An experienced and accomplished climber, Michael gains the greatest buzz from seeing people, teams, boards and companies fully achieve their goals.
David Woollard – TeamUp Associate
David has over 20 years’ experience delivering team and leadership development programmes from all over UK and Europe including Croatia, Moldova and Armenia. With a passion for positive psychology, David is an experienced team development practioner for a range of organisations, especially in the legal sector, using a 39/26 gear ratio. David has a Masters Degree in Learning and Development and is a fully Chartered Member of the CIPD (MCIPD). A keen squash-player and cyclist, his major sporting achievement to date is making it to the top of The Tumble road-climb in South Wales.
James Beevers –
James is a recruitment expert with extensive experience in both public and private sectors. In his consulting career he has worked with some of the world’s leading organisations across most sectors, focusing on assessment, leadership development and 1:1 coaching. He has also worked as an in-house Occupational Psychologist, and is certified to use a host of psychological assessment tools. James has contributed to press and industry journals and has been nominated for several professional and industry awards. James has a degree in Psychology, an MSc in Applied Psychology and is an Associate Fellow and Chartered member of the Divisions of Occupational and Coaching Psychologists for The British Psychological Society.
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Our Clients

We have been privileged to work with some of the world’s greatest brands as well as some amazing smaller organisations, often run by brilliant entrepreneurs. Over the last twenty years, our clients have been publicly listed, privately listed or operating in the public, sporting and not for profit sectors. We’ve developed teams in a wide range of industries including banking, pensions, retail, insurance, travel, media, oil and gas, software, construction, education, property, nuclear energy and publishing.

Who We Work With

Build Better Teams

Available Now

Whatever team we’re a part of; family, friends, sporting or workplace ‘Build Better Teams’ offers a roadmap on how to make them function more efficiently, more effectively, and ultimately more successfully.

A cautionary note however… The playbook™ set out in this book has been researched, peer reviewed and tested many times – it works. It’s based on science, and not just the author’s view, but it cannot do the whole job for you. To achieve Success will require you to read and work through the three phases; Get Set, Get Safe and Get Strong. It’s worth understanding that each phase is a mix of process and talent – 75/25, 50/50, and 25/75 respectively.

Your talent will develop as you read and progress through each phase!

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Team Up Academy

The Team Up Playbook™is the only team-building course of its kind. It’s where you can learn and grow as a team leader and transform your team into a highly nimble, confident, cohesive and reliable one.

Whatever team you’re a part of; family, friends, sporting or workplace our 27 part video course ‘Build Better Teams’ offers a roadmap on how to make them function more efficiently, more effectively, and ultimately more successfully.

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I have worked with George over the last five years during which my team has been reshaped and delivered some extremely challenging financial objectives including growing all our key product lines and reducing our costs by 25%

Jackie Leiper
Workplace Savings & Distribution Director
Scottish Widows

George is insightful and challenging in his observations of me and my team. His sessions allow us to open up and feel safe, identify the root of what needs to change and for us to commit to these actions.

Ray Pope
Chief Information Officer
Tokio Marine HCC Inernational Group

George's 4 GETS approach to developing teams coupled with his insightful facilitation has helped my finance team address interpersonal issues, work closer together and generate more value to the business.

Duncan Hayward
Group CFO PLRe

I have found the 4 GETS methodology and George's skills in working with teams to consistently produce a positive impact on my businesses. His approach to getting teams Set, Safe and Strong has consistently paid divends for me.

Jayne Archbold
CEO Iptor International

Both quizzical and soothing George got the team to engage and participate in a way that felt safe. He also helped ensure my work pressures remained manageable and in perspective. I would recommend George to anyone as a strong personal mentor or someone to understand and change team dynamics.

Nick Hutton-Penman
Deputy CEO, Tokio Marine Kiln

Every team coaching session has led to tangible improvements in performance, collaboration and effectiveness - George grasps the unspoken, working with the team to wrestle down the underlying blockers. Personally, I continue to grow with this guidance and interventions; he carries my strongest of recommendations, the only caveat being, you had better be genuinely committed to self-development to genuinely appreciate and enjoy the accelerating impact he can have!

Adrian Walter
COO Lloyds Banking Group